Stuffed with rice and vegetables eggplant

→ Stuffed with rice and vegetables eggplant

picture - Stuffed with rice and vegetables eggplant

10 cans 0,5 l:

3,6 kg eggplant

2,8 kg onions

2,5 kg tomatoes

900 g carrots

500 g vegetable oil

260 g rice

110 g sugar

90 g salt

80 g white roots

30 g dill and parsley

0,5 g allspice

0,3 g black pepper

This recipe canning eggplant is better to take with a diameter less than 7 cm, length up to 9 see

Rinse the eggplant in cold water, cut off the sepals and stem, do not peel.

To make each eggplant lengthwise incision for the best roasting.

Oil to heat fry the eggplant until brown, allow to cool to 30-40 degrees.

Wash all the vegetables, chop finely and fry in hot oil.

Wash rice in cold water, boil until soft, rinse again with cold water, drain it, combine rice and roasted vegetables, add 60 grams of vegetable oil, put the vegetables, while preparing the tomato sauce.

Fill the eggplants with minced through the incision.

Pour heated to 85-90 degrees tomato sauce in heated dry cans, put in jars stuffed eggplant, pour them on top of tomato sauce.

Next canning eggplant is done, cover the jars with eggplant lids, place in a pot of water to sterilize 60 min (banks 0.5 l), then sealed cork lids, turn jars upside down and so cool.

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