Canned eggplant in tomato sauce

→ Canned eggplant in tomato sauce

picture - Canned eggplant in tomato sauce

10 cans 0,5 l:

5,5 kg fresh eggplant

3,7 kg tomatoes

750 g vegetable oil

160 g onions

120 g salt

120 g sugar

20 g dill

20 g parsley

0,4 g bitter pepper

0,4 g sweet pepper

This recipe canning eggplant, cut into circles and fry in hot oil.

Chop onion rings and fry.

The tomato sauce: tomatoes chop, mince, heat mass in an enamel pan, RUB through a sieve, boil down to volume decreased by one third.

Add the tomatoes, sauteed onions and sugar, both pepper, chopped parsley, salt mixture at the end of boiling.

Next canning is done as follows: clean jars heat, pour in some hot tomato sauce, place the eggplant, top, pour the tomato sauce, cover the jars with boiled lids, place in a saucepan with water temperature of 75-80 degrees. To sterilize jars with a volume of 0.5 l - 50 min from the moment of boiling water, 1 l - 90 minutes

Then banks sealed cork, turn down the necks, cool that way.

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