Eggplant caviar in the Zaporozhye

→ Eggplant caviar in the Zaporozhye

picture - Eggplant caviar in the Zaporozhye

5 kg Eggplant

500 g vegetable oil

500 g carrots

300 g onions

300 g tomato paste

150 g parsley root

100 g celery root

75 g salt

40 g sugar

25 g green celery

Eggplant wash, dry and cut into circles to 2 cm thick.

In a frying pan with hot oil to fry the eggplant until browned.

Peel onions, cut into rings, fry until transparent.

Clear parsley and carrots, chop sticks, vegetable oil to put out a semi-solid.

Connect prepared eggplant with carrots, onions and parsley, twist in a meat grinder, mix with tomato paste, season with salt, spices, sugar and herbs.

Mass lay in a saucepan, heat to a temperature of about 70 degrees, then eggplant caviar in the Zaporozhye laid out in clean jars and sterilized for 1.5 hours in boiling water (the banks to take a 1 / 2n).

How to choose a meat grinder. We will tell.

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