Jellied pork and Turkey

→ Jellied pork and Turkey

picture - Jellied pork and Turkey

2 pork legs

1 Turkey leg

1 head onions

1 carrots


pepper, salt

Pour pork legs with water (cold), leave overnight or soak a few hours, then wash, knife to obsolete, put in a deep pan, pour cold water.

The leg of the Turkey, rinse, put in water to pork legs, the water should cover about 3 fingers.

Bring all to a boil, remove the foam, reduce the heat to low, cover, leaving a gap that will boil the jelly 6-8 hours, adding 3-4 hours unpeeled onion and peeled carrots and sunflower.

Next the meat to get cut from the bones, fibers disassemble, put into molds, pour the strained broth, when passed through a garlic press and pepper to taste.

Remove jellied pork and Turkey in the fridge, leave it to freeze.

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