Homemade jelly Transcarpathian

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picture - Homemade jelly Transcarpathian

500 g pork head

400 g pork legs

5 g garlic

2 carrots

2 root parsley

1 head onions

Bay leaf


black peppercorn
some peas to choose? we'll show


Legs and pork head well better to do tar, clean, cut off the legs of the hoof, if they have the head cut into quarters or halves, clean nostrils, to remove the eye.

Cut the legs in half lengthwise, rinse, put in a large pot, pour cold water (1 kg legs and head - 1,5 l of water), 6 hours cook over low heat, periodically removing the foam.

An hour before the end of cooking, put the onion, parsley, carrot, Bay leaf and black peppercorn.

After cooking, the meat should be well separated from the bones.

The resulting broth to insist, to collect the fat, strain, pour into another container, season passed through garlic press.

Separate meat from bones, cut into small pieces, put in a deep vessel, pour part of the strained broth and remove the meat from the broth in the cold to freeze.

It is set in stone meat to put sculptured chopped carrots, parsley leaves for decoration, again pour the broth layer and cool homemade jelly Transcarpathian to freeze.

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