Sausages "Mummy"

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picture - Sausages "Mummy"

200 g puff pastry

100 g hard cheese

10 sausages

1 egg


Heat oven to 190 degrees.

Cut the cheese strips 1 cm, roll out and cut into strips 0.4 cm thick puff pastry.

Connect each sausage with a few strips of cheese, roll up the dough strip, leaving one edge about 3 cm, make hats mummies just wrapping sausage batter without adding cheese.

Lay on baking parchment, put it in the dough sausage.

Beat the egg and coat the dough, bake sausages &&171; The Mummy&&187; for about 15 min until golden brown, face paint mummies mustard with a toothpick.

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