Herring under a fur coat

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Wash and cook the eggs (8 minutes), carrots and potatoes (20 minutes), beets (50 minutes). Onion peeled, cut into thin half-rings, pour boiling water 5 minutes recline in a colander, rinse with cold water. Vegetables under cool ice water, potatoes and carrots cleaned and cut into cubes the size of a pea, without mixing with each other. Beets clean, rub on a coarse grater, a little salt. Potatoes and carrots lightly with salt, add a spoonful of olive oil, mix well. Eggs peel and finely chop. Herring cut crosswise into thin slices and pepper. Assemble the salad, laying layers components and lubricating each layer with mayonnaise. On a flat plate lay - potatoes, onions, herring, onion, eggs, carrots, beets (beetroot layer should cover the contents of lettuce on all sides). Cover the beets with plenty of mayonnaise than the previous. Refrigerate for at least 5 hours. Serve, cutting and laying herring under a fur coat, like a cake.

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