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→ Herring under a fur coat - prepare your favorite salad

picture - Herring under a fur coat - prepare your favorite salad

Olivier and Herring under a fur coat - two stars cooking, always enjoy the attention and most often appear on our holiday tables and in the New year and other holidays. It seems - well, what is there to say, because the herring under a fur coat can do anything, but we still decided to dedicate this great appetizer today's article, because it is, without a doubt, worthy of her and talked and talked!

And you know how did this salad? The story of its invention is associated with the turbulent revolutionary years of the last century. In restaurants in those years people now and then under the glass began to argue about politics, and fights, of course, came. Then one of the capital's innkeeper Anastas Bogomilism and one of his cooks Aristarchus of Prokopcov wondered how to pacify the revolutionary passions to cool the ardor and reconcile all concerned. So they came up with a snack, which he called "Nationalism and the Decline of the Boycott and Anathema", which is abbreviated, as you might guess, sounds like a "W. U. B. A.".

The appetizer consisted of herring, potatoes, beets and served with French Provencal sauce. According to one version herring symbolized the proletariat, and potatoes - the peasantry, and on the other the chef has chosen these products simply because their combination was the classic snack proletarians, which they loved. But beets, definitely symbolized the red flag of the revolution.

The original "Coat" was this: appetizer were laid on the plate and smeared sauce provenale. She was immediately accepted with pleasure, quickly became popular not only because of the wonderful taste, but also due to its bright names (full). Oh and happy end - according to legend, the visitors of the capital's restaurants in the end, less drunk, eating sakusaku, less swearing and fighting. This is a wonderful story of the invention of Herring under a fur coat! As for the name, it is easy to guess that "W. U. B. A." just eventually transformed the nation into a "Herring under a fur coat".

The peculiarities of Herring under a fur coat

picture - Herring under a fur coat - prepare your favorite salad

From history go to culinary characteristics. Herring under a fur coat, which is almost a century, during its existence, of course, modified, supplemented and eventually became what we know it today. The classic recipe includes salt herring, boiled beets, carrots, potatoes and eggs, and onions and mayonnaise. All this is laid down in layers and coated with mayonnaise salad is quite simple and simple to prepare, but the result is very good, that's the whole secret of his great popularity in our country.

For all its merits, Herring under a fur coat even and not too high in calories: 100g salad (in its classical version) accounts for only about cal!

The long and difficult stage in the preparation of Herring under a fur coat - cleaning fish and the removal of her bones. This, of course, is laborious. But in our days, when the herring can be bought not only in metal cans-washers, but in a very prepared - peeled, sliced and almost boneless (if producers do their job more faithfully - it would be absolutely boneless and without hassle, respectively), buying fish, it can quickly cut and do much less time than if buying it entirely. So at this point everyone decides for himself.

One more thing - cooking vegetables. For "Coats" boiled everything except onions, fish and mayonnaise. Moreover, it is better to cook all the vegetables in uniform - so they and vitamins will save more, and get much more fragrant and delicious. And beets can not bake in the oven in foil. Now, in General, and all the vegetables are cooked and peeled, chopped herring - you can assemble the salad!

By the way, still it is better to call the Herring under a fur coat is not a salad, as a snack because of the composition of its ingredients.

Laid out according to the canons of this appetizer layers: potatoes, herring, onions, egg, carrots, beets. Each layer is smeared with mayonnaise grid, and the last too. It is very important all the ingredients finely chop or grate on a grater and put on each other, not too ramming, but avoiding excessive lightness. Promenite each layer lightly. By the way, it is very common among chefs move - repetition layers: the making thin layers and 2-3 times their repeating, you can achieve stunning texture and tenderness, which will long be remembered by all who try this amazing version of this snack.

Onions for the salad better scalded with boiling water, to avoid excessive bitterness: cut it into 5 minutes, pour boiling water, rinse with cold water and drain. To provide an additional touch of taste onion can marinate: sprinkle it, coarsely chop, vinegar and lemon juice, sprinkle with sugar and salt and remember hands, and then press and finely chop will be very tasty!

Not to mention the additional ingredients. For this salad is the most popular additions are Apple, pickled or salted cucumbers, mushrooms, cheese, sauerkraut. Mushrooms are put in a salad with onions, after together with him also fried. Apple better to take sour, like cucumbers, it adds to the salad freshness of these ingredients put one of the layers, cut on a grater. Cabbage can also be put as one of the layers - your guests won't guess what this new delicious flavour. The cheese makes the salad more rich in taste, which, however, not everyone likes the fans of his classic version, minus in the fact that the caloric content of herring under a fur coat with cheese becomes much more.

How to diversify the familiar taste of Herring under a fur coat, without departing from the classics

picture - Herring under a fur coat - prepare your favorite salad

You can use several tricks to make new flavors in the salad, not breaking in General its classic taste. For example, if you coat the bottom of the salad bowl of fragrant unrefined sunflower and the first layer put the herring, it would be very interesting. You can leave the sequence of layers usual and put on the oil potato is also very tasty.

To make your salad more air, RUB the vegetables immediately into a salad bowl, not in a separate bowl, holding the grater on weight.

Saute the onion or marinade it - it will give new flavours than if you just scald it with boiling water. You can substitute green onions - this will give the salad fresh.

Herring can be mixed with dill or other herbs. Or, if you use salted herring in whole, it can be purified and lipotriches, cut into large chunks, and pour the milk 1,5% fat - it will make it taste more tender. Milk fish need to leave overnight, then drain it and Pat dry herring.

Very much depends on the quality and taste of mayonnaise. It is necessary to use more fat mayonnaise, light will spoil all the richness of taste. Try to make homemade mayonnaise with lemon juice, or use already validated store.

How to prepare a salad Herring under a fur coat

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