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Onions - whole head, it would have said many of his fans. No dish is complete with fans of Luke without giving any food flavor and juiciness ingredients: soups, salads, main dishes. Moreover, it can be not only in its pristine fresh, but in pickled, and that is greater variety. How to make pickled onions for different dishes?

Pickled onions suitable for any meat dishes (of course, especially to the barbecue), fish (herring - out of competition) for salads, as well as their design, and as a snack it will not hit the face in the dirt! In terms of culinary applications this product is versatile, has many advantages, including many people like the fact that after eating this bow mouth, you do not receive a specific smell. Well pickled onions deprived vigorous bitterness, and any other shortcomings, but to make it simple.

The easiest way to marinate the onions to leave it overnight in cucumber pickle, finely cut. Another common and simple option is to pour the onion with lemon juice. Very quick - cooking pickled onions in the microwave: it is cut into thin rings, laid out in a suitable bowl, filled with water, seasoned with 1 tsp. salt and 4 tbsp. of vinegar 9%, then under the cover is prepared on a maximum power of 10 min and then cooled under running cold water.

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picture - Pickled onions

You will need: 2 medium onions, 5h.l. vinegar 9%, 1H.l. sugar.

How to make pickled onions. Peel and chop the onion half-rings, put in a colander, scalded with boiling water (if negorci - 1 times, if bitter - you have to do it 2-3 times), cool, Gulf of drinking cold water, then drain. In a Cup of cold boiled water to dissolve the sugar and vinegar, pour over the onions, allow to brew for at least 5 minutes, preferably for half an hour.

If desired, you can increase the amount of vinegar, and onions to be spicy, also enhance the taste of salt and fresh notes add greens. Every woman eventually fit in to prepare pickled onions to your recipe, adjusting it to the tastes of the family.

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