Roll with egg and cheese lavash

→ Roll with egg and cheese lavash

picture - Roll with egg and cheese lavash

500 ml water

30 g cheese

2 Armenian lavash thin

1 egg

1 Art. l. butter
Which oil to choose? we'll show


Pitas, putting one on the other, cut into squares of side 15 cm - get double the squares.

In the water to dissolve the salt so that it was not too salty, submerged in water double pita squares, then fry in a frying pan with melted butter on both sides.

Break into the center of pita raw egg and spread throughout the pita bread, fry for about minutes, sprinkle with grated cheese (on a coarse grater) when the cheese is melted, turn down the pita bread with cheese, fry for about a minute.

After roasting folded in half inside pita bread stuffing.

Thus prepared loaf with egg and cheese lavash on the expected number of guests out onto a plate, serve.

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