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Sleeve for baking

Take a whole chicken (you can parts - the main thing is not frozen), my, we dry, salt, pepper (inside and outside), inside the bed 5-6 pieces. prunes, lemon peel with a 0.5 (not slicing), the outside Sprinkle lemon juice of the same and rub with a mixture of mayonnaise and ketchup (catsup can replace spicy sauce with herbs and spices). Then the chicken bed in a bag for baking tying him and pierce in several places, so that the excess steam can escape freely. Put in the oven for 40-50 minutes on a special grill for grilling (I turn it upside down and set on a plate to fit the chicken). Microwave include the function Combi Grill 50%. When she podrumyanitsa on the one hand, I flip it. It turns out juicy, tasty and very beautiful!

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