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Grill, loved by many, and grilled chicken - one of the best options, popular and common. Make grilled chicken at home it is possible to get at least tasty and fragrant, and in this article we will tell you how.

In the first place, determined to make grilled chicken, many are thinking about where to take the grill, and so he needed at all? If you do not have a grill (oven, microwave with grill, etc.), then do not worry - the problem is still achievable, as for cooking chicken grill and oven can be used in the normal mode.

Grilled Chicken has a calorie per 100g 184kkal order.

The main issue in the preparation of delicious homemade chicken grill - the right choice of meat and spices for the marinade, creating the same taste so well known and much-loved by many. For this dish should be selected chickens 6-7 months, with more tender and tasty meat. As for spices, then a part of the marinade should be present soy sauce, sour cream, with a high-yogurt, various pepper, curry, oregano, hops-suneli - but all this as if it may, at the discretion of the cook, because the taste of each individual .

We will talk about a few simple cooking grilled chicken at home.

Recipe for cooking grilled chicken in the oven

picture - Grilled Chicken

Need: chicken, marinade - yogurt and sour cream 1 to 1, 1 / 2ch.l. hops-suneli, oregano, curry, soy sauce to taste, pepper, ground red or black.

How to cook chicken grill. Stir sour cream with yogurt, adding also the taste of soy sauce, add all the spices, mix the marinade until smooth, put it on the cut chicken pieces or grate a whole chicken inside and out, leave for 2-3ch. Cooking chicken on a skewer or can on the grill in the oven. For the first method: strung chicken on a skewer and place it in the oven, put the carcass under the pan, cook in a preheated oven for about 200-240 degrees 1-1,5ch. For cooking on the grill the chicken should be cut into pieces, otherwise it can not propechsya: lay slices on the grill, install it on average, put down the pan to drain off the fat in it, cook at a temperature of 200-240 degrees for about 30-40min, several times for it is time to turn.

If you have a microwave oven with grill, then cook the dish is not difficult.

Recipe for cooking grilled chicken in the microwave

You will need: 1 chicken carcass 1,4-1,5kg, marinade - 4st.l. seasoning "Grill" 3st.l. vegetable oil, lemon juice and garlic.

How to cook grilled chicken in the microwave. Seasoning mix grill, oil, crushed garlic and lemon juice marinade, coat the chicken. Put a chicken in the marinade for half an hour to bear on the grill grate, set it in place, the bottom plate for putting fat, put on 10 minutes in the microwave, then pour into a bowl 1/3 cup water, cook mode combi-2 on both sides of 10 -12min, then rearrange the chicken in heated to 200-250 degree oven and cook for another 5-7 minutes to ensure readiness.

Very many cooks liked option cooking chicken on the can - thanks to this method, you can make a very tasty chicken with a rich taste, flavor and very tender meat.

Grilled chicken recipe on the jar

You will need: chicken weighing 1.5kg, garlic, sour cream, mustard, mix of "Provence herbs", allspice, bay leaf.

How to cook chicken on the grill bank. Rinse and pat dry the chicken carcass, wipe all sides of garlic, spread mustard and sprinkle with herbs, remove all the marinade in the cold for at least 2 hours. Take a jar with a rather narrow neck, pour 2/3 of water, put it in Laurel and peppercorns on top of the bank to impose chicken, put in a preheated 200 degree oven and bake until cooked for 10 minutes before end of cooking smeared with cream.

Cook chicken grill at home can and in other ways - we talked about some of the most simple and at the same time provides the most delicious dish. Bon Appetite!

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