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What you need:

600 g apricots

250 g sugar

2 Art. l. amaretto liqueur

8.5 g gelatin

3 vanilla - vanilla pod or on the tip of a knife

4 pcs. yolk

500 g thick cream

Form for parfait lubricate wet brush Shots film and place in the freezer.

Apricots, remove the stones, whisk in a blender with 100 g of sugar and 1 tbsp. spoon of liquor. The resulting mash is boiled down by half.

6 g of gelatin, soak in cold water to swell and then melt in a water bath, mix with apricot puree and place in the fridge for an hour.

To 125 g of the mass of creamy mix water with 150 g of vanilla sugar and pulp, boil 5 minutes. 2.5 g of gelatin, soak in cold water, then shoot forth in a water bath.

Egg yolks, mix with 1 tbsp. spoon of liquor and beat with a mixer for 3 minutes, adding parts of syrup and gelatin. Place the dish with a mass of ice water and, continuing to whisk, add the whipped cream into the foam.

Put the mass in the form, put a little apricot puree and stir it to get a marble pattern. Cover and place for 12 hours in the freezer.

Before serving, dip in hot water, remove parfait with foil and applied them to the dish. Remove the tape, soak parfait 20 minutes at room temperature, then slice.

For registration you can use peeled apricots.

Bon Appetite!

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