Parfait with persimmon and cantaloupe

→ Parfait with persimmon and cantaloupe

picture - Parfait with persimmon and cantaloupe

What you need:

4 PCs lime or lemon

4 PCs egg white

150 g sugar

2 PCs persimmon

2 PCs melon small

Gelatin soak.

Fine grater erase zest from 3 limes. From the remaining lime cut 4 slices, put them aside. Of all the fruits squeeze of lime juice.

Protein shake, USEPA sugar in three steps. Add 2/3 peel and 150 ml of lime juice, mix well. Gelatin will dissolve over low heat until dissolved, without boiling. Pour it in a thin stream in the protein mass, stirring constantly. Form a ring rinse with cold water, put into it a lot, put 3 hours in the refrigerator.

Persimmon fruit wash, cut in half, remove seeds, peel and RUB through a sieve, adding the remaining zest and lime juice.

Before submitting the shape of a ring dip for a few seconds in hot water and invert the parfait on a dish, lay around mashed persimmon. Decorate with slices of lime and melon balls.

Bon appetit!

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