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What you need:

1 pcs. lime or lemon

4 zest and juice x lime or lemon

6 pcs. egg

350 g sugar

450 g cream 25-35% fat th

20 pcs. mint (leaves glazed)


Mix the zest and juice of lime or lemon, egg yolks and sugar. In a water bath, whisk mixture until thick.

Soak 5 teaspoons gelatin in cold water to swell. Drain excess water. Add 1 teaspoon of lemon juice, gelatin solution at low heat. A little cool, mix it with the mousse mixture until smooth.

Whisk 300g cream until very stiff dough, add the mousse. Whisk the egg whites and quickly enter them in the mousse. Pour the mixture into the mold and soak in a cool place until gelling. Put on a plate, heating in hot water.

Whip the remaining cream and transplant with pastry syringe in the form of stars around the top of the mousse. Between the stars lay glazed mint leaves, thin slices of lime or lemon.

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