Recipe sandwich "Pink Cadillac"

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2 pcs. buns with sesame seeds

2 Art. l. butter
Which oil to choose? we'll show

1 pcs. cucumber

150 g Canned pink salmon

1/2 pcs. sweet red pepper

2-3 Art. l. mayonnaise

1 Art. l. lemon juice

2 dill - sprigs

ground black pepper, salt

Cut each biscuit into three horizontal and smazh thin slice from one side with oil.

On the layers except the top, put the sliced cucumber slices.

For the filling pink salmon we shall cut finely, mix with chopped sweet pepper, mayonnaise, chopped herbs, lemon juice, add salt and pepper.

Distribute the stuffing between the slices of bread rolls. Lay two slices stuffed with each other on a plate and cover with a "cap".

Superbuterbrod ready! Let's go!

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