Mackerel stuffed with pink salmon

→ Mackerel stuffed with pink salmon

picture - Mackerel stuffed with pink salmon

1.5-1.8 kg pink salmon (1 fish)

70 g butter
Which oil to choose? we'll show

1 lemon

1 mackerel

3 Art. l. olive oil or vegetable

2 Art. l. sour cream

2 Art. l. korotkozernogo rice

black pepper


Rinse thoroughly with pink salmon under cold water, cut off the head, ribs with the spine, separating the fillet with the skin.

Place the fillets up meat, pepper and salt.

Also to cut mackerel fillets, cut it into large chunks, pepper and salt.

Soak for 20 minutes in warm water rice, drain, fill in salted boiling water, cook until tender, put on a sieve.

Stir rice with mackerel, put on pink salmon fillet on top decompose finely chopped pieces of butter, pour the juice? lemon.

Close carcass pink salmon, seal it with toothpicks, put on a baking sheet, oiled, cook for 40 minutes at a temperature of 220-240 degrees.

During cooking pour boiling oil fish 3-4 times (from the pan).

For 5-7 minutes before end of cooking sprinkle the fish with sour cream.

Stuffed mackerel served with any kind of pink salmon garnish.

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