Duck stuffed with prunes and carrots

→ Duck stuffed with prunes and carrots

picture - Duck stuffed with prunes and carrots

1 PCs duck

200 g prunes, pitted

1 PCs carrots boiled

2 PCs egg

2 white bread stale - slice

1/2 glass milk
what kind of milk should I choose? we'll show

2 tbsp. sour cream

ground black pepper

nuts grated nutmeg (optional)


dill and parsley

Prepared duck trunk to make an incision from the back and gently remove her skin along with the wings and legs.

The pulp is separated from the bones, together with the soaked bread in milk mince, salt and pepper, add eggs, diced carrots and soaked prunes, nutmeg. Got stuffing to fill the skin region to connect and sew.

Stuffed duck with salt and lay back down on the baking sheet, brush with sour cream and cook in the oven at 240 °C until a crust, then reduce heat and bring the bird until tender.

To release the duck from the thread and serve on a heated platter, making prunes, pickled vegetables and herbs.

How to choose a meat grinder. We'll show you.

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