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Each experienced housewife has their own tried and tested recipe of this cuisine. We will share this proven recipe for those who have as yet no experience and their recipes: to help newcomers - milk pancakes recipe that will always turn out delicious!

This recipe for pancakes milk out very delicious, airy, delicate. Apply them as you can with various fillings - sweet and savoury, and separately. If you plan to cook and, for example, to stuff these pancakes cheese, making them the envelopes or tubes, then pay attention to the amount of sugar.

Sugar pancakes with milk or any other pancakes always added based on the purpose of food - if it's dessert, it should be according to the standard recipe or a little more if not sweet - sugar should take a little less.

So, let's get down to cooking.

Classic pancakes with milk recipe

You will need: 3 cups of milk, 3 eggs, 2 cups flour, 3 tbsp. of vegetable refined oil, 1 tbsp. of sugar ? tsp. baking powder to the dough.

How to cook pancakes on the classic milk. First screened flour to make our pancakes came out of the air. Sifting it, mix it with sugar, baking powder and salt. Next step: whisk in the flour, raw eggs, pour ? a glass of milk and using an electric mixer, combine or fork kneading thick dough without lumps. Well, then gradually begin to pour the rest of the milk, continuing to work whisk with a fork or mixer. In the end, the consistency will turn out the dough, resembling liquid sour cream. It needs to pour in vegetable oil, stir thoroughly so that it is evenly distributed throughout the dough. Next, heat up the pan, grease it with butter, a ladle pour the batter and bake the pancakes on medium heat on both sides until taromenane.

For anyone who has no experience, but wants to cook delicious pancakes milk recipe, offered by us, will stand in good stead - checked! On the basis of this recipe can make pancakes more interesting with PrepCom as videoretsept.

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