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500 g meat (flesh)

300 g Potato

2-2.5 tablespoons butter

2 bulbs

2-3 tablespoons of tomato puree

2-3 pickles

3-4 cloves of garlic

1 a teaspoon of salt and sugar

4-5 peas black pepper

Meat clean from the films, cut across the grain into slices 2 cm wide, 3-4 cm long and fry the fat in the frying pan until golden brown. Meat shift in the pan, season with salt, add tomato puree or chopped fresh tomatoes, chopped and put fried onion, pour broth or hot water, cover and simmer on low heat 40-50 minutes. Then put the pan with the meat browned until half coarsely chopped potatoes, peeled and finely chopped beans pickles, garlic mashed with salt, black pepper and sugar, cover the pan and simmer until tender over low heat. When a table is recommended sprinkle with finely chopped parsley, dill.

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