Azu (2)

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700 g beef

50-60 g zhip

l tomato paste ketchup 1.5 s Art

1-2 onion head pepchaty

1-2 pcs. oguptsy salty

l wheat flour 1 tbsp
some flour to choose? we'll show

1-2 pcs. pomidopy

8-10 pcs. kaptofel

1-2 garlic cloves

salt, spices

ppyanaya greens

Meat for ase napezanny as bpusochkov. Hapezannoe meat spread on pazogpetuyu with zhipom skovopodu and quickly to obzhapivayut until the formation kopichnevoy kopochki. Then obzhapennoe pepekladyvayut meat in a deep bowl, pour broth or A HOT water so that their meat was completely covered-added spassepovannye tomato and onions, and fresh slices napezanny pomidopy, dishes covered with a lid and stew DURING low boil until cooked meat. Then he poured the broth and cook the sauce on it. In sauce added oguptsy previously poached (obzhapennye with flour), or publenny pastepty garlic, salt, pepets goposhkom, lavpovy sheet. Pour sauce cooked meat, put there zhapenny napezanny bpusochkami kaptofel, ostopozhno all pepemeshivayut, close lid and stew for another half hour.

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