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First offered to guest dish in the Italian house will be flour. This pasta. Pasta can be: spaghetti - long pasta with sauce, tagliatelle - wide strips, a variety of noodles, or gnocchi - flour dumplings

The ability to cook pasta the Italians equate to art. Here are the basic rules that must be followed:

pasta of any kind should be lowered only in boiling water

cook them only in abrupt boiled water

to recline in a colander, when they are still little hardish

- throwing boiling, but in any case not cold water

- once the water starts flowing, pasta, arrange on plates and pour the sauce (usually tomato with spices).

And loved by all Italians pizza - not just bread dough, covered with filling. Pizzas are prepared with sausage, nuts, mushrooms, ham, pickles, boiled eggs, but always with cheese, tomato sauce or fresh tomatoes. Each region boasts its own recipe sauce or pizza toppings.

There is still ravioli - Italian dumplings, but they are more spicy, smaller and sharper than ours. The stuffing for ravioli always put the cheese, and serve them, not with sour cream or butter, and sprinkle with grated cheese.

In Italy sensitive to the vegetables. They are not here, when not cooked, and just stew in their own juice or fat, in addition to onions and herbs. Italians love to cook Brussels sprouts in the Bechamel sauce, with spices and grated cheese. And mushroom stuffed mashed potatoes with legs the same mushroom. And white beans with fried onions sausage under a spicy tomato sauce.

But traditional Italian soups are often made without vegetables. Soup paveza, for example, represents boiled in beef broth, croutons, eggs and cheese. Straciatella. or Italian soup with semolina, also prepared without vegetables. When strong meat broth comes to a boil, pour in the mixture of semolina, eggs, grated cheese and a small amount of cold broth. However, the most common in Italy soup minestra is unthinkable without rice, beans and peas. All seasoned passerovannye onions and garlic, and stewed in tomato sauce with carrots and celery root. At the end of cooking add the fresh tomatoes and grated cheese.

The representatives of different regions of Italy, there are differences in cooking.

The Florentines in a special way to prepare beans. In Milan are addicted to fish dishes. Cheese and rice love in Rome. There can offer guests to enjoy the Roman schnitzel cheese (fried cheese) and stew with rice.

On the island of Sicily to the schnitzel is always served with rice. Ready schnitzel spread on fried with spices mugs of tomatoes, and all around have stewed mushrooms. All this on top pour the tomato sauce.

In Tuscany schnitzel do most of veal, served steamed spinach, put on top of slices of cheese and smoked ham and all baked together in the oven.

Neapolitans love meat. Except salad with game dishes are prepared from the guts and lamb.

In Bologna in a special cook spaghetti. Except tomato paste in a bowl put small balls of minced meat.

Bolognese spaghetti always served with meat meat balls.

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