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A true national dish in Greece are the stuffed grape leaves. They are so young, fresh grape leaves, pour boiling water, wrap them in meat mixed with rice (1:1), and then stew over low heat. Before you serve, pour the sauce over the cabbage rolls with whipped eggs with lemon juice

Incidentally, in Greece stuffed almost all vegetables: peppers, and zucchini, and tomatoes, and potatoes, and eggplant, and even cucumbers.

But without any meat lunch here is "empty". For example, for cooking vegetables in a pot in Greek you want beef. To make stuffed cucumbers or peppers, you need to prepare the meat. As for Greek vegetable stew requires three kinds of meat.

In Greece such very common dishes like stew, steak and pancakes, cooked in its own way. For example, stew (stew with onions and tomato small pieces of meat, fish or vegetables) here are made from lamb stew in a dry white wine. Schnitzel (thin steak or chopped chicken) cooked as usual, just above its pour the thick mixture of stewed peppers in tomato sauce with spices. While the dough Greek pancakes, except eggs, milk and flour, put more figs, almonds, raisins, cinnamon, sugar and nutmeg and bake them always in olive oil.

A special relationship in Greece to the fish. There are thousands of recipes for fish dishes. It Salamis - fried fish fillet, stewed cucumbers and tomatoes in wine. And gafaria of peak - fish stewed whole onion and garlic. And the Greek fishing rwul of sea bass (soup, seasoned roasted flour, diluted tomato paste and cream).

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