New salad cocktail "Snowy Winter"

→ New salad cocktail "Snowy Winter"

picture - New salad cocktail "Snowy Winter"

250 g mayonnaise

4 boiled potatoes

2 carcass cooked squid

2 fresh cucumber

1 bank picture - New salad cocktail "Snowy Winter" caviar protein

1 bundle green onions


2-3 egg protein

boiled meat


pomegranate seeds

eggs / olives

red bell pepper

Cut the squid, cucumber and potato sticks, onion chopped, mixed, add the eggs, mayonnaise, put in the form of a square on a flat dish.

Make a New Year's salad cocktail "Snowy winter" as follows: over the entire surface on a fine grater rub the egg white, twig made from thin strips of sliced meat and cucumber, decorate it with pomegranate seeds, bullfinch lay of chopped olives and red pepper.

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