Greek salad: Recipe and features cooking

→ Greek salad: Recipe and features cooking

picture - Greek salad: Recipe and features cookingGreek salad (horiatiki salad, Greek.

????????? ??????) - Greek salad of cucumbers, tomatoes, olives and peppers, seasoned extra virgin olive oil. A key component of the feta salad is a traditional Greek cheese made from sheep's or goat's milk.

Features salads are coarsely chopped, not minced vegetables. It should also be noted that the Greeks in the preparation of salad cleaned cucumbers peeled, and not always mix the dish before serving, preferring to do it just before eating.

Recipe for Greek salad

As was already mentioned, the Greek salad are goat feta cheese, olive oil, olives and herbs. Greek salad is very simple to cook and is good at as as snack or as a side dish to meat or fish dish.

So, we need:

- feta cheese - 200 g (can substitute feta cheese)
- tomatoes - 3-4 pieces
- cucumbers - 1-2 PCs
- bell peppers - 1-2 PCs
- onions (preferably red) - 1 clove
- juice from half a lemon
- black olives, pitted - 80 g
- olive oil
- herbs - parsley, celery, Basil
- lettuce
- garlic, salt and black pepper to taste

picture - Greek salad: Recipe and features cookingGreek salad is very simple to prepare. The peculiarity of Greek salad in addition to the taste - its spectacular appearance, so try to cut the vegetables beautifully and tastefully.

The bottom of the salad bowl put lettuce. Coarsely cut the tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, onion - rings and gently lay on top of the green salad. Greek salad is not shuffled, and here you can be creative - for example, put the slices of pepper in a large circle, inside put cucumbers with tomatoes, or roll cut into circles tomatoes in half - the appearance of the dish will depend on your flight to your imagination. Greek salad is good because it gives you the freedom of imagination.

Top add olives, diced cheese and sprinkle with finely chopped herbs. Special piquancy gives Basil - but you can use any other fresh herbs - parsley, cilantro. Left to season salad with olive oil and lemon juice, add salt to taste, pepper and Greek salad is ready!

The secrets of making a Greek salad

picture - Greek salad: Recipe and features cookingCheese or feta cheese: I divided into two parts: the first mince and add to the salad immediately after the olives. Very good mix (kind of salad should then be the same as adding sour cream). The rest of the cheese, we will add at the end, as a decoration, cut into large cubes and putting them on top of onions.

Lettuce: it is advised to divide into two parts. Good and large leaves are best left for decoration, and small and torn, rolled into a tube and cut into a salad. To mix. Leaves for decoration, use at the end, when the salad completed: spoon gently raises the salad on the edges of the plates and padmavyuham them under it ( it is convenient, take my word for it, because it reduces the number of dirty dishes). Onion: onion, after cleaning, is divided into two parts. Then cut into thin half-rings: the part that turned out gently, leave, we crumble before the cubes of cheese on the salad ready, and the resulting bad part onion, finely cut and salad. All this thickly sprinkle with Rihani. Stir. So the Greek salad is especially delicious!


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