Goose white wine

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1 goose

200 g oil

1/2 glass white wine

1/2 glass broth

pepper, salt to taste

For garnish:

500 g cabbage

300 g meat

200 g smoked brisket

1/2 glass bread crumbs

Opalanego, gutted and washed goose pepper and salt inside and out, put in a deep pan or roaster and place in a well-heated oven to cook, often pouring juice. When the goose is browned on all sides, drain from the pan of the fat, pour the broth and wine, cover and, often turning, roast to the point of goose. Ready goose, cut into pieces, place in a dish, giving it the shape of a goose, a circle surrounded by small stuffed cabbage cabbage, pour the slightly juice from under the goose. The rest of the juice submitted separately in a gravy boat.

Cooking side dish: cabbage with cut stump and put in pot, cover with salted boiling water, cook 20 to 25 minutes, remove and wash with cold water and divide the lettuce into individual leaves. The solid part to beat a wooden mallet or rolling pin. On every leaf to put the ground meat to form a round ball the size of an egg, each ball tightly tie a piece of gauze. All cooked kochanki put in one row in a deep pan, pour the broth, cooked giblets from the goose. Cover and cook until tender meat. Cooking meat: Missed through a meat grinder meat, cut into strips smoked bacon and crackers pepper, if necessary, to salt, to form the balls and arrange them on the cabbage leaves.

How to choose a meat grinder. We'll show you.

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