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picture - Indian cuisineMillions of Indians do not know the true Indian cuisine, for them, a handful of rice is often food a day. Not everyone can afford to eat more than once a day.

The basis of Indian food is vegetarian food: rice, corn, lentils and other legumes.

Fry here or melted coconut oil. Use a lot of spices.

Most Indians do not eat meat, except for Muslims who eat mutton, goat meat, poultry. Although Muslims can't cook meat cows, and other cattle (it is strictly forbidden religious laws and ancient customs).

Many Indian dishes are cooked in the tandoor oven in the form of an elongated tank with a hole at the top, covered by a lid. In the depth of the tandoor kindle fire, as fuel use firewood or charcoal. When the fire is burning well, close the lid to the tandoor were heated. Tandoor baked cakes of nedobrogo and pastry. In this furnace also cook chicken, marinated in yoghurt with spices, kebabs, strung on skewers. Vegetarians baked in tandoor vegetables and cheese with spices.

In southern India there are many strict vegetarians. They do not eat onions and garlic, refuse tomatoes and beets. But they eat peppers, figs, yellow lentils, boiled rice. Of these products prepare sambhar, which are included in the menu twice a day. Races - pottage of lentils with pepper - also always served for Breakfast and lunch. Popular among vegetarians pancakes made from rice flour, rice dumplings.

In the Eastern parts of India prefer fish, usually freshwater, as well as dishes from large and small shrimp and lobster.

Dishes from vegetables, legumes, potatoes, lamb, poultry, fish in India, usually served with a variety of spices and seasonings. Among them the most popular spice is curry in the lineup includes black and red pepper, nutmeg; cinnamon, cloves, ginger, nuts, mustard, mint, dill, garlic, saffron, onions, etc. But "curry" in the Indian language means not only a spice but a whole bunch of dishes made from meat, poultry, fish, vegetables, and sometimes even fruit. But all these dishes a thicker consistency, use freshly ground spices that makes one dish with curry unlike any other.

The most common drink in India is considered to be the halo punch, made with lemon juice and water. Summer everywhere in India drink mango juice. Beer, wine and other drinks to serve at dinner is not accepted, the food usually drink water.

Traditionally, food is served in India at Tali - a large, usually round tray, copper or stainless steel. On a tray put Katori - metal portions of a Cup for each food (pieces of chicken, meat or fish, two kinds of vegetables, lentils, yogurt). All this have on the edge of the hoist, and in the center put boiled rice. Drinking water, usually in a metal glass, be sure to put to the left of the hoist.

Cutlery in India does not exist. Hindus do not use neither sticks nor European Cutlery, there have taken arms. Soiled with food fingers washed immediately in special bowls, placed on the tables.

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