How to help your child get rid of excess weight

→ How to help your child get rid of excess weight

picture - How to help your child get rid of excess weightOver time, Russia is becoming more full of children. The reason for this is, basically, a sedentary lifestyle and unbalanced diet. Plays a big role heredity. No wonder there is an opinion that weight is the result of bad eating habits of the child's parents.

In every person's life there are three periods when fat cells actively proliferate. The first period starts at around 24-26 weeks of pregnancy. Following a dangerous period for the first two years of a child's life. Thirdly, it is the time of puberty (8-11 years).

Overfeeding children during these periods promises that they then life will be battling with being overweight and developing a complex about their own figures. To avoid this, you need to fill a child's diet natural products and to monitor the balance of essential nutrients.

If You want to help by way of your child increase his physical activity: walk together, write it in the sports section, do not allow him to lie in front of TV.

picture - How to help your child get rid of excess weightStand for children example: stick to proper nutrition, eat vegetables and fruits, eat on time. Moreover, to eat correctly, have the whole family, even if other children do not have problems with excess weight. This will be a good support for full child.

In addition, do not buy the child is overweight chips and chocolate bars, do not allow snacking on the go. Extra 100 calories per day is 5 more pounds in a year. At the same time, let the child decide how much food to put in the plate. Thus, it will be raised a sense of responsibility.

In addition, you need to divide the concepts &&171;food&&187; and &&171;pleasure&&187;. Food may not be a reward for good behavior or method of fighting boredom. If a child is upset, chocolate or ice cream to raise his spirits just a little.

To the problem of excess weight was not for the child by reason of mental disorders, do not focus on it. Explain to your child that appearance is not the most important thing. Help him to find talent and develop them. This will give &&171;colstack&&187; confidence.

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