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3-liter jar:

1.5 kg peaches

To fill:

400 g 1 liter of water - sugar

Use a fully ripened peaches, but with a strong pulp is better to use varieties with yellow flesh and dark seeds that are easily peeled and pitted. Peaches with white flesh is not used to prepare compote - they are easy to darken and spoil the appearance. They can be a little touch up caramel: sugar is melted in a pan until golden color, pour a small amount of water and boil.

Peaches are washed, sorted and cleaned for maturity. If you can not clean, they are immersed in a large colander or wash basket in almost boiling water, slightly acidified with citric acid (10 g per 1 liter of water), and cooled rapidly in cold water. Then hand it easy to peel. Compote of peeled peaches much tastier than untreated. Peeled peaches cut in half with a knife made of stainless steel. Take out or cut bone, halved peaches laid out on glass jars (cut down) and immediately pour hot filling so that they are fully covered. Banks were rapidly sealed, placed in a sterilization tank with hot water, and sterilized for about 20 minutes then rapidly cooled.

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