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How to cook a delicious dish in multiverse? We will explain in this article. It's quick, easy and very easy even for beginner cooks!

Lagman is a dish that is familiar to many in our country, despite the fact that it is native to the East. The main characteristics of the dish is that it must include two parts: vagu (this is the part of food that is made from meat with vegetables and noodles, prepared according to a special recipe. If Vaja all clear - it can be done differently on your taste, there is no clear canons (use and mutton, and beef and other meats, and a selection of vegetables can be almost anything), the noodles is more complicated: it must be long, thin noodles, stretching a single thread, in special for Laghman. If you've got a specialty store Oriental cuisine, then look for one of those noodles you can there, in other cases, you should look for it in supermarkets (now can be found in the sale of options noodles, suitable for Laghman, what manufacturers provide on the product packaging), or to replace a simple homemade noodles or egg.

What good cooking dish in multiverse? What will be more close to the original or, in other words, tastier, because multivarka known that afflict products, not only saving their favor, but also improving the taste of the dishes. So, prepare the dish in multiverse.

Recipe of Laghman in multivarka

picture - Lagman in multivarka
300-400g lamb meat
200g noodles lamanai or egg
1.5 liters of water
4 tuber
3 cloves of garlic
2 bulbs
1 carrot and a large green peppers
2-3 tbsp tomato paste
hops suneli, salt

Method of preparation:

How to cook the dish in multiverse. Average pieces slice the meat, put in a bowl multivarki, pre-heating it in the mode of "frying" a small amount of oil, fry for 15 minutes until crispy. Add the meat cut into thin strips or cubes carrots, half an onion, stir and simmer all 5 minutes. Potatoes, peppers, garlic chopped small, add to the meat, pepper, salt, add hops suneli, tomato paste, add water and stir, turn on the "control" and to prepare vagu 30-40min, closing the lid multivarki. Separately in the usual way to boil water noodles until tender, drain in a colander, then to charge a small amount of butter to it is not stuck, chop the greens. Serve the dish: on a plate put the desired amount of noodles and pour Vaja until the desired consistency. Before serving, sprinkle the dish with greens.

Because the dish is somewhere between the second dish and soup, each determines its texture itself. Depends on the amount of water that is added to multivarka to the meat: want to lagman was more liquid as soup, add water to the top mark to the thick - pour a little water.

Another option of cooking in Laghman multivarka see videoretsept.

Videoretsept preparation of Laghman in multivarka

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