Cabbage pie for Breakfast

→ Cabbage pie for Breakfast

picture - Cabbage pie for Breakfast

3 boiled eggs

3 raw eggs

1 forks cabbage

1 glass sour cream or yogurt
what kind of yogurt to choose? we'll show

? packs of butter

? glass grated hard cheese

? tsp. soda




Peel and finely chop the cabbage, sunflower, boiled in milk, then drain the liquid.

Finely chopped boiled eggs, combine the cabbage, stir.

To connect raw eggs with sour cream, whisking, gradually introduce the flour, add anhydrous soda, salt, then crumble the dough chopped soft butter is the consistency of the dough should be like on pancakes, liquid.

The baking pan greased with oil, pour half of the dough, put the filling, cover the remaining dough.

Before baking the pie with cabbage for Breakfast sprinkled with grated cheese, cooked for 20-25 minutes at 200 degrees in the oven.

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