Salmon with mustard sauce

→ Salmon with mustard sauce

picture - Salmon with mustard sauce

500 g salmon fillet (thickness 2,5-3sm)

50 ml dry white wine

3 leek green

1 glass fatty cream

1 tablespoons mustard


vegetable fat

pepper, salt

Whip cream, leave.

Rub the fish with salt and pepper and fry until browned in a pan with oil, put in the pan, cover - the fish should stay warm.

Pour on the pan, where the roasted fish, wine, boil over medium heat until the wine reduction of up to one-third of the original, put whipped cream, a few minutes to boil, add pepper, salt, mustard, boil before smetanopodobnoy sauce consistency.

Lay the fish on a plate, pour the sauce before serving salmon with mustard sauce is made with chopped leek rings and dill.

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