Pasta with salmon and cream sauce

→ Pasta with salmon and cream sauce

picture - Pasta with salmon and cream sauce

5 COMPOSITION (servings)

500 g paste

250 g salmon fillet
salmon which to choose? we'll show

20 g butter

75 g cream of 23% fat

salt, white pepper

Replacement guidelines and cooking

Salmon - sea trout

The dish turns out delicious tagliatelle with (Italian noodles

Not to kill the delicate taste of the fish, it is desirable to add white pepper, in contrast to the black, it is less spicy

Boil shells. Cut the salmon into cubes. In a small saucepan melt the butter. Add salmon and fry quickly. When salmon browned - add the cream, salt and pepper. To warm over low heat until boiling stage, but do not boil. Tilt shells in a colander. Paste shift into a deep bowl. Add the sauce. Stir and serve.

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