Cream soup with salmon multivarka

→ Cream soup with salmon multivarka

picture - Cream soup with salmon multivarka

300 g salmon

150 g potatoes

100 g Luke

50 g carrots

40 g soy sauce

40 g corn
what kind of corn to choose? we'll show

vegetable oil

cream (to the desired thickness of soup)

spices, salt

Fish to prepare, cut into cubes 2-3 cm, chop onions, potatoes cut into cubes, carrot - polukrugom.

Put the carrot, onion and fish in multiverse, put the mode "Express", fry the vegetables and fish 10 minutes

Next, add the potatoes, soy sauce, cream, spices, spices and salt.

Press the "cancel" button to stop running the previous mode, select the mode "soup" on the hour.

Before applying cream soup with salmon (multiverse) can sprinkle with chopped herbs.

How to choose multiverse. We'll show you.

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