Salmon on skewers with vegetables

→ Salmon on skewers with vegetables

picture - Salmon on skewers with vegetables

fish (can be both red and white - the amateur, I prefer salmon)

cherry tomatoes

sweet pepper



Fish (in split) mode on the medium pieces (cubes). Fold in the enamel bowl, add spices to taste and soy sauce - set aside to marinate for 30 minutes (the fish is no longer necessary).

At this time, clear the zucchini from the skin and mode along on thin layers and fry in oil until golden brown. Pepper and apple cubes mode.

Next strung alternately on skewers all the ingredients, alternating with pieces of fish. Zucchini, due to the resulting elongated shape is, however, twist the "snake" other ingredients (if such an option is not convenient, you can also pre-cut zucchini into cubes).

After fry in hot skillet until tender or bake in the oven.

Own meals served without garnish. Or with a salad.

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