"Potato" is a famous Finnish pastries

→ "Potato" is a famous Finnish pastries

picture - "Potato" is a famous Finnish pastries

Store cakes "Potato" 've tried everything, what can be said about the home version of this delicious delicacy. Cook these cakes is quite easy, therefore, to try to make homemade "Potato" certainly is, and we will tell you how to make this miracle of confectionery art.

The first recipe cake "Potato" was born in Finland in the 19th century, like many other recipes now famous dishes in haste for lack of things to entertain unexpected guests. As the author of the original recipe was the wife of one of the cult Finnish poets Johan Ludvig Runeberg, which suddenly descended celebrity guests. Find out edibles only remaining at the bottom of the bag from under the cookie crumbs, Mrs. Runeberg decided to do "what happens": ground powder in a mortar, mixed it with jam and cream, adding a little of the liquor, and cobbled together from the resulting mass of a small cake, which was decorated with berries out of a jam. Guests filed by the wife of the poet dessert so much that soon his recipe became popular throughout the country. Over time, the cooks not only in Finland, but all over the world began to try to improve the original recipe, the result turned out that the cake "Potato", which we all know and love. In the recipe that became a classic, unlike the original basis is not biscuits, and a biscuit, and a mixture of jam and sour cream is replaced with a different confectionery creams (smetankovymy and others), but there is something in common between them - which replaced the original classic recipe is also used for flavoring a good rum or brandy.

Methods of preparation of these wonderful cakes, there are many, but conditionally they can be divided into 2 large groups: cook Potatoes" of specially prepared substrate and of the finished products. Those cakes that we buy in stores are made from a special biscuit dough that is mixed with various creams. To prepare this dough can at home, but often Housewives make "Potato" the second way is from the finished products (cakes and cookies), as it is easier and faster, but if you have time, you should try and make a special cake "heated", cakes which can be the most delicious. So, let's see how to make classic cake "Potato".

Classic recipe cake "Potato"

 picture - "Potato" is a famous Finnish pastries

You will need: 400 g of sponge cake 6 eggs, 6 tbsp sugar, 4 tbsp. flour, 1 tbsp. starch (potato/rice/corn), to make cakes - butter cream 150 g butter, 2-3 tbsp rum/brandy, 2 tsp cocoa powder.

How to make a classic cake "Potato" - make biscuit

Biscuit is cooked in a water bath with a water temperature of about 70-80 degrees. Oven pre-heated to 200-220 degrees. In a container, which you then put in a water bath, stir the sugar and break the eggs, beat them continuously up until the temperature of the mass reaches about 40-50 degrees, then remove the container from the water bath, continuing to whisk a lot, let it cool until 18-20 degrees. As a result, the amount of weight should increase by 2.5-3 times. Immediately stir in the flour and cornstarch and stir gently until smooth, taking care not to extinguish the foam formed, pour the batter immediately after achieving a homogeneous mixture is obtained in the form (you need to pre-grease with butter and sprinkle with flour, or be covered with oiled paper), filling it no more than 2/3 of the height, with a knife or a spoon to smooth the surface. As a form you can use a pot, pan, skillet, or glued thick paper improvised form. If your cake turned out to be the height of 25-40 mm, it needs to bake in preheated oven for 35-50 minutes, if it is less than 10 mm (in the form of a "razmazki" on oiled paper, which is laid out on a baking sheet or pan), bake it needs 10-20 minutes Baking a cake, do not move it during the first 10-15 minutes to Determine readiness can pressure - if the pressure does not remain dimple - he is ready, or using wooden sticks - it should come out dry.

After baking, let the cake to cool for half an hour, remove from the mold, letting his knife on the walls of the mold from the inside, then turn the form. If the cake stuck to the paper, it should be removed, if burnt - erase burnt the place trowel. The finished cake should be left for 4 hours at room temperature (if you have wet his syrup - 7 hours), then take it off for 12 hours in the fridge, after keeping to grind the biscuit crumbs with the help of a grater or blender.

The most delicious cream cakes "Potato"

For oil cream you need to take 2 medium eggs, 150 g of butter and 3 tbsp. sugar.

First in a water bath, whisking, heated to 45 degrees the mixture of eggs and sugar (it has 2.5-3 times increase in volume), then remove the mixture from the bath, cooled to room temperature, still whisking. Oil, stored at room temperature, whisk in a separate bowl incandescent, continuing to whisk, to enter the egg mass, beat all in a lush cream.

Collect cakes

The number of ingredients should have 10 cakes 75-85g. For a start, soaked and chilled biscuit you want to grind, then combine with the cooked chilled cream and brandy/rum, putting a little cream to decorate cakes. Divide the mixture into 10 equal parts and molded "potatoes" (you can make cakes in the shape of an Apple, hedgehog, fir cones, etc. to taste, sprinkle them through a sieve cocoa (you can mix cocoa with powdered sugar), put the cakes on the Board to make the top more indentations, to isolate them in the cream using a pastry syringe or bag and refrigerate before serving at least 30-40 minutes.

Cooking cakes "Potato" on the classic recipe takes time, but it is not too difficult, and to do this will be able to attend. You can simplify the cooking of the cake, making it on your favorite or more simple recipe, you know. You can do the same and cream, cook, for example, cream of condensed milk and butter, for cake "Anthill". In General, making these cakes, it is safe to experiment, knowing the basic principles of its preparation, are described above. Through such experiments savvy Housewives appeared a lot of quick and simple recipes for cakes "Potato" from ready-made ingredients, like the original, the very first recipe invented by Mrs. Runeberg.

Prescription fast cakes "Potato" from biscuits or crackers

 picture - "Potato" is a famous Finnish pastries

You will need: 500 g of biscuit cookies/vanilla crackers, 100 g of butter and condensed milk, 1 glass of milk ? glass crunched nuts, 3 tbsp powdered sugar and syrup, 2 tbsp cocoa powder.

How to cook potato cakes. Butter to soften, add condensed milk and beat until smooth, add the syrup or jam (any - taste), cocoa, stir. On a grater or using a blender to grind the biscuits or crackers (you can also use gingerbread), mix with chopped nuts, then combine with creamy condensed mass and again until smooth stir, pouring the milk. Molded cakes, sprinkle them with cocoa, put into the cold for an hour, then before serving, sprinkle the cake with powdered sugar and garnish with berries out of a jam.

This recipe is very similar to the original, the very first recipe for "Potato" if you make such cakes from home and not bought cookies, crackers or cakes, the result will be no less tasty than when cooking cakes from a special cake. Is that for real "potatoes" need to use "home-made" ingredients - so cake will be delicious. But to argue this ready many nalubaale" to spend on cooking a lot of time.

The recipe is very simple and quick cake potato biscuit

 picture - "Potato" is a famous Finnish pastries

Need (20-25 cakes): 700-900 g biscuits ("Strawberry", "Hello"), 200 g butter (softened to room temperature), 380 g (1 can) condensed milk with sugar 5 tsp. cocoa powder 2-3 tsp. brandy (or 3-4 tablespoons of dessert wines, port wine).

How to make potato cakes. Skip the cookies through a meat grinder. Combine butter with condensed milk, stir until smooth, pour brandy or wine, add cocoa (it does not add or substitute grated chocolate), cookies, stir until smooth. Blind from the mass of cakes, decorate them with nuts or cream, put into the fridge for 4-5 hours.

With cream and composition fundamentals of these cakes, you can add dried fruit, nuts, cocoa, grated zest of orange or lemon, candied fruit, and more, you can safely experiment. Can be different and design cakes - they can decorate not only cocoa, and roll in nuts, pour the glaze and coat in breadcrumbs in any other sweet products, including coconut.

From "potato" bases can be prepared as a separate cakes and a cake - cooking is not going to be nothing more, just put the base in the form of cake and garnish with the same cream.

Secrets of cakes "Potato"

  • This "Potato" should be light inside, as root, after whom the cake got its name. But the fact that the sale we see only full dark "potatoes", explains just add cocoa allows you to hide burnt and poor biscuit.
  • For these cakes potatoes must use flavoring liquor, rum or brandy.
  • The internal structure of "potatoes" should not be completely smooth (as it turns out, if the batter does not stand for 12 hours and immediately twisted through small of a Mincer), the most delicious cakes come with heterogeneous internal consistency.

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