Fig jam (I)

→ Fig jam (I)

picture - Fig jam (I)


50-70 pcs. fig


1 pcs. lemon

vanilla - to taste the syrup:

1 l water

300-500 g sugar

Figs cook 4 - 5 times changing the water about 30 minutes, until the water turns yellow. Then shift into cold water, in which a solution of copper sulfate crystal size of a pea (1-1.5 liters of water). In this solution, keep figs 10-15 minutes, stirring frequently. Take out and rinse thoroughly, changing the water at least ten times.

Good decant water. Remove the stalk and chop the fruit of a needle. Boil the liquid syrup, remove it from the heat and, once cooled, put the figs in syrup. Again boil on the fire, cool. Repeat three times. Then check the readiness of jam, add the juice of one lemon and vanilla.

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