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Mackerel - delicious and healthy fish. One of the best ways to prepare, agree with what many of her admirers - mackerel in foil. To learn how to cook mackerel in foil, read the recipe.

Eat mackerel doctors recommend to all, because this fish is extremely useful. It contains a lot of valuable substances for the organism: fish oil, vitamins, minerals, trace elements, which have an enormous positive impact on health.

Regular consumption of mackerel improves metabolism, heart and brain, strengthening the memory and blood vessels, reduce the content of cholesterol in the cells and carcinogenic substances, lower blood pressure and risk of heart attack. Contained in mackerel protein 3 times faster to digest than beef protein.

Cook mackerel can be a lot of ways, it is another advantage - it is an abundance of dishes that can be done with it. One of the best options that allow you to keep useful substances and wonderful taste of this fish - baking in the oven in foil.

100g baked mackerel contains about 200 calories.

Recipe for mackerel in foil

picture - Mackerel in foilIngredients:

2 mackerel
1 lemon, onion and carrots
white pepper
refined vegetable oil

Method of preparation:

How to cook mackerel in foil. Carrots, finely chopped or rubbed on a medium grater, onions chop, fry in a pan in butter first 3-5min onions, then add the carrots and cook all for about 5-7min. Rinse fish, gills cut, remove the entrails, cutting the abdomen, rinse inside and out, pat dry with paper towel. Drizzle the fish inside and out with lemon juice, sprinkle with salt and pepper, stuff the onions and carrots, put each fish on a sheet of foil and wrap tightly. Put the fish in foil on a baking sheet, put it in a preheated 180 degree oven, bake for about 30-40min until tender. Before serving, sprinkle with mackerel can.

Prepared for this recipe can be served as mackerel hot and cold.

Another option cooking mackerel in foil, refer to videoretsepte.

Videoretsept mackerel in foil

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