Cabbage soup with mushrooms - 6 recipes

→ Cabbage soup with mushrooms - 6 recipes

picture - Cabbage soup with mushrooms - 6 recipes

The soup is very tasty, and the soup with mushrooms - even tastier! In this article we will talk about various ways of cooking soup with mushrooms, simple, delicious and very affordable to everyone.

The soup is known to be one of the most popular dishes of Russian cuisine, which, according to popular belief, existed before the baptism of Rus. Also, it is believed that initially, the cabbage was not a required component of the soup, it was just a simple soup, and the only time the soup was called only cabbage soup. Every woman in Russia had to be able to cook the soup, and what they were delicious, especially the Thrifty was considered a woman. There is even a saying: "Not the kind of mistress that is beautifully said, and that what is good soup cooks". Centuries passed, and soup in our country is still popular, loved by many.

Recipes soup today do not count. We have gathered in this article recipes cabbage soup with mushrooms is a very tasty version of this soup.

The first recipe: Simple sour soup with mushrooms

picture - Cabbage soup with mushrooms - 6 recipesIngredients:

1l of water
500g sour cabbage
100g pork
30g dried mushrooms
1 onion
2tbsp.l. sour cream
fat or lard
green onions

Method of preparation:

How to make sour soup with mushrooms. Sauerkraut and meat, cover with water, boil until almost cooked. Mushrooms pre-soak, then cut into strips with onions and continue cooking fat or fat until tender. Put stewed mushrooms in the soup, cabbage and meat, season with cumin, salt, then the soup for another 5-min and submit filled with chopped green onions and sour cream.

The second recipe: the cabbage Soup monastery with mushrooms and cabbage


300g cabbage
250g potatoes
100g sour cream
50g butter
what kind of oil to choose? we'll show

30g dried mushrooms
2 carrots
1 onion
? Cup pearl barley

Method of preparation:

How to cook soup with mushrooms and cabbage. 3-4h to fill mushrooms with cold boiled water, then boil and cut into strips. RUB on a grater carrots, chop the onion, put it in butter with a glass of water for 15 min, then transfer the contents of the pan to the mushrooms in the broth. Pearl barley until ready to boil separately, put in soup with potatoes, cut into cubes, fresh shredded cabbage, salt, cook the soup on low heat until cooked all products. When applying to fill the cabbage soup monastic chopped green onions and dill, sour cream.

The third recipe: cabbage Soup with fresh mushrooms without meat

picture - Cabbage soup with mushrooms - 6 recipesIngredients:

500g mushrooms or other mushrooms
400g sauerkraut
5 potatoes
4 tomatoes
1 onion, celery and carrots
vegetable oil
Bay leaf

Method of preparation:

How to cook soup with fresh mushrooms. Put the sauerkraut in a pan with heated oil, put 20 minutes, covered, stirring occasionally, over low heat. Fresh mushrooms boil 10 minutes, if you use pickled - they can only be washed, do not boil. Cut into medium-sized carrots, celery and onion, saut the vegetables, add the sliced mushrooms, put all of 5 minutes. In the pan to soup to pour water, bring to the boil, put cabbage, sliced potatoes, vegetables with mushrooms, season the soup with spices, Laurel, boil all until almost cooked potatoes, then sliced into small pieces tomatoes, then the soup for another 5-min and serve.

Instead of water you can use as the basis of the soup broth from the cooked mushrooms.

Recipe four: Green cabbage soup with mushrooms


for 500g of meat and spinach
in 200g of spinach and fresh mushrooms
3 eggs
2 Bay leaves
1 onion
? Cup sour cream
on 2st.l. wheat flour and butter
spices to taste
black peppercorn

Method of preparation:

How to cook green cabbage soup with mushrooms. On the meat, boil it to make broth-based soup. Boil separately spinach, then blend it. Bust sorrel, washed, cut into large sheets. Onions, mushrooms, and vegetables in small cubes chop and fry on medium heat with the butter in a saucepan, then add the flour, stir and then another 2-3min. Pureed spinach to the pan, add the mixture to the broth hot, what happened when it is boiling, put Laurel, pepper, salt, min to boil the soup, put the spinach, cook for another 2-3min, remove from the stove. Serve green cabbage soup with sour cream and chopped boiled eggs.

Recipe five: Fragrant soup with dried mushrooms


500g smoked pork shank
300g cabbage sauerkraut
2 bulbs
on Markovi, celery, potatoes,
1-2 tbsp vegetable oil
on St.l. flour and tomato paste
?-1 tsp. cumin seeds
1 handful of dried mushrooms
black pepper
Bay leaf

Method of preparation:

How to cook fragrant soup with mushrooms. Put in a saucepan the shank, pour 2 liters of water or a little more, bring to boil, reduce the heat to low, put the celery stalk, peeled carrots and onion, shredded cabbage, 2H boil the broth-based soup. Hot water pour over the mushrooms, to insist 30 minutes, drain water, cut the mushrooms into. After half an hour of cooking, remove from the broth with a shank cabbage in another pan, put to it the mushrooms, pour the water out from under them, the tomato paste, add fluid, if it doesn't cover the cabbage completely, bring to a boil, continue cooking on low heat for 1 hour. Pork shank with vegetables to get out of the broth, discard the vegetables, the shank cut into small, put the meat in the broth. In a pan heat the oil until taromenane to saut the onion, finely chop it, add the flour, stir and saut for another 2-3min, put the broth to the knuckle, add diced potatoes, salt, season with cumin, Laurel, then under cover for 30 minutes, then put the contents of the other pan - cabbage with mushrooms, cook the soup for another 15-20min, pepper and salt to taste the soup, served with sour cream.

Another option for cooking soup with mushrooms, see the videoretsept.

Videoretsept cooking soup with mushrooms

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