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500 g grapes

180 g butter

100 g walnuts

2 eggs

1 glass flour

6 tbsp. sugar

1 tsp. baking powder

vegetable oil



powdered sugar

On a dry pan fry the walnuts, then grind the nuts in a blender.

Beat the eggs in a bowl, add sugar, beat with whisk, add liquor grated butter, a little whisk, add the nuts, stir.

In another bowl combine flour and baking powder, stir thoroughly, then add to egg mixture, stir.

Wash the grapes, 300 g of grapes add to the dough, stir.

Grease the baking pan with vegetable oil if it is not silicone, put the dough, smooth, tightly put a layer of grapes on top.

Cooked grape pie in a preheated 160 C oven for one hour, then increase the temperature to 180 degrees and bake grape pie for another 20 minutes

Cool grape pie in the form, before serving, remove from the mold, decorate with powdered sugar, remaining grapes and candied fruit.

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