Manica with chocolate sauce

→ Manica with chocolate sauce

picture - Manica with chocolate sauce

500 g semolina

500 ml milk

50 g butter

5 Art. l. sugar

5 Art. l. flour

4 Art. l. cocoa

3 Art. l. sugar

1 pinch of vanillin

Pour into a saucepan half the milk, bring to a boil, put the sugar, vanilla, add semolina, bring to simmer until thick, stirring constantly, turn off the heat and leave.

Put porridge on the table, hands greased flour, cereal-molded balls, breaded in flour and then shape cakes.

On both sides of the cake in the pan fry until golden brown.

The remaining milk is warmed in a pan, add the cocoa and sugar, bring to a boil, put the butter, with stirring, add 1 tsp flour, boil for a minute, turn off the heat.

Serve with chocolate sauce manna for breakfast or lunch.

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