Jam peel watermelon

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picture - Jam peel watermelon

2 kg Watermelon rinds around

3 kg Sugar

Water (see recipe)

2 Lemon zest - bag (or C-x lemons)

4 Vanilla sugar sachet

First, carefully cut with crusts all the pink part: watermelon rinds should be completely white inside. Then arm yourself with the industrial potato peeler and remove the green layer on the outside of the crust.

Weigh peel to know how you have the source material. Peel from the big watermelon hang approximately 2 pounds (I was 2 kg 200 grams from one large watermelon weighing 11 kg), respectively, all further aspect ratio will be exactly 2 pounds watermelon rind.

Now have to cut the peel as you like: diamonds, bars, and you can use wavy knife, as I did (note that long wedges harder to fit in small banks, although look very impressive on the plate). Cut carefully nahcolite each piece with a fork.

Dissolve 3 teaspoons of baking soda in a glass of hot water. When the soda is completely dissolved, pour this water into a large enameled pot, add 10 cups cold water and lay there watermelon rinds. Let stand for about 6 hours, after which for a long time hold it under running water. I first washed watermelon rinds, and then left the pan under a thin stream of water for about 4 hours (the longer they will be washed, the better).

In a large enamel basin pour 6-7 cups of boiling water, pour 1.5 kg of sugar and boil the syrup. Lower back watermelon brown, stirring occasionally, bring to a boil (medium heat), will patipatti 15 minutes and turn off. Cover jam kitchen towel and forget about it for 12 hours or the whole day, as you prefer. So look peel after the first cooking.

On the second day, pour in the remaining jam and a half pounds of sugar, bring to a boil again and boil for 15 minutes. Turn off, cover with a towel and leave for another 12 hours (or days).

On the third day again put the basin on the fire, add two cups of hot water, stirring occasionally, bring the jam to the boil and simmer for about an hour, until cooked crusts. Note that in the process of cooking the juice thickens; if you digest jam, juice boil, and jam will Sacharissa. Try a piece: if it is sweet, Golden in color and bites with a slight crunch - jam is ready. At the end of cooking, add the lemon zest and vanilla, stir well, allow to simmer for another couple of minutes and turn off.

The "correct" jam transparent, Golden, as amber and brown nice pohrustyvaya as candied fruit.

Note: put the jam into the jars cooled. First, fill the jar with slices of jam, and then pour out the juice, so that all the pieces were well covered with it. Store the jam in a cool place.

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