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60 kg cabbage

1,1 kg garlic

3,5 kg carrots

1,5-2 kg spices (celery, parsley, cilantro with tops)

25 PCs Cayenne

7-8 allspice - peas

300-400 g the leaves of the cherry

1 kg beets

10-15 PCs Bay leaf

1,6 kg Sol - 1,4

2 cinnamon - piece

To prepare 50 kg sauerkraut Cabbage cleaned from the outer leaves, washed in running water and cut into 2-4 pieces. Head of garlic separated into cloves and soak in warm water for 1.5 h, and then purified. Carrots cleaned and cut into circles. Pepper wash and remove the stem. The roots are cleaned from the skin, wash, cut lengthwise into 2-4 parts. The sheets washed cherry. Beets are washed, cleaned and cut into thin slices. At the bottom of the barrel stack the cabbage leaves and cherries, and then tightly rows of sliced cabbage. Between the lines is equal parts garlic, spices, mugs carrots, plate of beets, bitter pepper pods. The top layer of vegetables served with cabbage leaves, and then with a cloth, put on top of the cargo. After the vegetables pour the cooled marinade for 4-5 cm above the level of the laid vegetables. 50 kg of cabbage is necessary to prepare a 30 l marinade. Water (approximately 29 l) is heated to boiling, add spices, marinade cooled and poured them full of the barrel. Within 5 days keg stand at room temperature until the start of the fermentation, and then transferred to the cold.

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