Stuffed cabbage cabbage with Jerusalem artichoke

→ Stuffed cabbage cabbage with Jerusalem artichoke

picture - Stuffed cabbage cabbage with Jerusalem artichoke


1 cabbage - head

400 g Sweet

300 g carrot

200 g onion

50 g dill and tarragon

50 g cherry and black currant leaves

75 g vegetable oil

sour cream, salt - to taste

Cabbage, removing the upper contaminated leaves, washed, cut across the pas two roughly equal parts. The upper part pour boiling water, leave to cool, squeeze and disassembled into individual leaves. Onions cleaned, cut into small pieces. Carrot Wash, chop finely and fry in vegetable oil with onions. Greens wash and finely chop. Jerusalem artichokes wash, peel and grate. The remaining lower half of head whip finely and mix with passsrovannymi vegetables, chopped Jerusalem artichoke and chopped herbs, salt to taste everything.

Cooked stuffing put on the prepared cabbage leaves (2-3 full article. Spoon), turning leaves or straw envelopes, stuffed form. Place the cabbage in a saucepan, shifting (sandwiching) their spicy greens and leaves, pour cream and simmer, covered over low heat until tender, making sure not scorched.

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