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Black berries wild cherry have a tart flavor and a bit hard to the touch. Bird cherry compote turns out very tasty, sweet, something reminiscent of cherry. You can add to it and other berries, for example, sea-buckthorn, currant, wild rose, acidified with citric acid.

Few people know about the benefits that brings the health of bird cherry compote. Vitamins, tanning agents, are stored in different conservation acid and treat infections of the gastrointestinal tract, diarrhea, colitis. Cheremukha normalizes metabolism and treat fever. Archaeologists have found bones of bird cherry berries another Stone Age.

Before Rolling banks need to sterilize. Berries put about a quarter of the cans, no more. After rolling of banks to roll over, wrapped up with a blanket and leave to cool for about eight hours.

Too long storage of wild cherry compote in the bones causes the formation of toxic hydrocyanic acid. Do not roll it immediately for two more seasons.

Recipe of bird cherry compote

picture - Bird cherry compote
Water - 1.2 L
Berries of bird cherry - 1 kg
Sugar - 300 g

Suitable for cooking freshly harvested ripe berries, they should be processed without delay to get a tasty drink rich ruby color. Wash bird cherry under running water, give water to drain. Because of the rigidity of the berries pre-blanch in boiling water for two or three minutes.

Sugar and water boil, pour blanched berries and leave to infuse under the lid in an enamel saucepan for five hours. At this time, carefully my soda cans and sterilize them over the steam.

When the time comes, poured syrup and bring to a boil over high heat. Bird cherry decompose on the banks with a slotted spoon. Fill with boiling syrup berries - to the brim and you can even pour a little in order not to let the air in the jar. Sealed jars.

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