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What options only delicious sauces from tomato neither exist: hostesses, trying to prepare for the winter this wonderful vegetable, invented thousands and thousands of recipes. Some of them became very popular and some less, but no less pleasing to the whole family, the taste of which were invented. We will tell you about very specific, but very famous and popular sauce of tomatoes, which is called the light - the recipe for its preparation, see this article.

What lies behind such a naughty name "spark"? Very appropriate "filling": the light is a seasoning made from tomatoes, which is prepared with the addition of such unchanged ingredients like garlic and horseradish to go anywhere without sugar and salt, therefore it is very sharp, hence the name. But everything else in the fire already depends on taste: someone adds a light bitter pepper, apples, carrots, onions, parsley, peppers, etc.

Another famous name light - bollocks, this appetizer called "horlogere" or simply adjika of tomatoes with horseradish.

Light, usually harvested in the winter, for the future, but it may be in small portions for daily consumption directly during the summer - recipes weight, so if you use simple, the preparation of snacks not to spend a lot of time, and you can try for the winter to prepare more complex to prepare and multicomponent option. In any case, you must first read and familiarize yourself with the basic recipe, and then - feel free to experiment.

Light - a great snack for all occasions, as well as great preventive measure against colds.

Recipe of the light

picture - Light recipe

You will need: H1 kg of tomatoes 3 medium-sized horseradish root, 2 large cloves garlic, sugar and salt to taste.

How to cook light. Grinder grind the peeled horseradish, garlic and tomatoes. Horseradish can be pre-RUB on a small grater in a food processor - so it will be easier to work with, because the manual twisting will require effort. Fill the mixture of garlic, horseradish and tomato with salt and sugar to taste, bringing an appetizer to a bright taste to your preference. Put the zest in a small sterilized jars, seal with sterile lids, and stored in a cool dark place or the refrigerator.

In the light much depends on the personal preferences of the chef: this appetizer can make Pokolenie or, on the contrary, ponine, more spicy or mild with light spicy touch of horseradish and garlic, which in this case is added in a small amount.

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