Season with salt cucumbers: the secrets of your favorite snacks

→ Season with salt cucumbers: the secrets of your favorite snacks

picture - Season with salt cucumbers: the secrets of your favorite snacksOne of the main summer "entertainment" for housewives who like to be pampered home delicious, crunchy, keep the heat of the summer sun and flavor pickles, cucumber becomes blank for the winter.

About prepared according to grandmother's old recipes pickles are legendary. Each family is carefully stored there even their mothers and grandmothers secrets and tricks that make pickles truly "own" and so different. How to pickle cucumbers, so they get a really special and delicious, read our article.

While at all times mistress exchanged tricks and secrets of pickling cucumbers, all they get different. And the thing that every woman in the preparation of this snack transfers part of his energy itself. Therefore, usually the first and most important: making winter harvesting, be in a cheerful, good mood - optimism and cheerfulness in the winter and will be useful to you and your family.

What is not only salted cucumbers our grandmothers and great-grandmothers - in wooden barrels, basins and other containers. In the context of a city apartment is quite difficult to use for pickling wooden barrel (which, incidentally, is ideal capacity), however, the choice of dishes should be approached very carefully - it's the second rule of cooking delicious cucumbers. You can use glass jars and jars, including glass, tin, plastic covers or rubber ring, gasket and cable clamp. Make sure that the jars are intact, free of defects, cracks and the like.

picture - Season with salt cucumbers: the secrets of your favorite snacksAny dishes before salting must be properly prepare: Cover and banks are washed with warm water and baking soda (1 teaspoon baking soda to 1 liter of water), and then scalded with boiling water and dry (you can use the oven).

The third rule of tasty cucumbers - use for pickling cucumber varieties only salt-coating (not salad and for canning). The best salt-coating grades are considered "Nezhin" and "soft spot."

As we have said, do cucumbers special, "their" help different tricks. Of course, such tricks can be attributed, and the use of some additional ingredients. Another rule of tasty cucumbers - carefully selected herbs and spices. Cucumbers give a peculiar taste and unique aroma will help umbrellas dill leaves of cherry and black currant, horseradish roots and leaves, bark and oak leaves, garlic. You can also feel free to use spice plants - tarragon, basil, mint and others.

Of course, no pickles, even cooked with a soul, not preserve the taste and flavor if they are properly stored. Hence, the last rule of delicious pickles - you need to store them in a cool, dry place.

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