Peppers in tomato juice

→ Peppers in tomato juice

picture - Peppers in tomato juice

1 jar 1 litre capacity:

600 ml tomato juice

400 g sweet pepper

Prepared this way, the pepper will serve as a semifinished product for cooking stuffed peppers, so take better peppers good shape, suitable for stuffing.

To carefully cut the stem, remove the seeds from the peppers, put the peppers in hot water and 3-4 min blanch, immediately dipped in cold water to cool, then Pat dry.

The peppers after blanching should be elastic.

Fold the peppers into each other, making a pyramid height of the banks, put piles of peppers on the banks of vertically, pour hot tomato juice mixed with salt (100 ml tomato juice 20 g of salt).

Cork peppers in tomato juice sterile lids, 45 min to sterilize in boiling water at a temperature of 100 degrees.

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