Canned peppers in tomato puree

→ Canned peppers in tomato puree

picture - Canned peppers in tomato puree

For 10 cans for? l:

5 kg tomato

4 kg sweet pepper

100 g sugar

50 g salt

Need to take a good mature peppers without damage.

Wash the peppers, cut the stalk, remove the seeds and place on 5-9 minutes in boiling water, then cut lengthwise into strips.

Tomatoes cook tomato puree, separating them from the skins and Uvarov.

Connect peppers with tomato puree, salt, add sugar and boil for 10 minutes, spread out on the banks.

Further peppers preserved in sterilized tomato puree (1.2 L - 30 min, 1 l - 40 minutes after boiling water) and capped.

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