Salad "Mimosa"

→ Salad "Mimosa"

picture - Salad "Mimosa"

3-4 potatoes

large carrots

2 processed cheese with a high fat content


1 medium onion

1 of canned fish

some mayonnaise to choose? we'll show

herbs for decoration

picture - Salad "Mimosa"

Potatoes and carrots boil until tender, cook eggs hard-boiled and carefully separated the whites from the yolks.

Cook eggs able to do everything, even the young cooks. And yet, there are some rules that you should remember if you don't want protein was squeezed out of the cracked shell, and egg yolks remained soft in soft-boiled eggs and not digested in hard boiled.

To get the egg cook for 3 minutes, boiled - 8, a maximum of 9 minutes. To boil an egg "in the bag" when the yolk semi-liquid, and solid protein - 5 minutes maximum. If you put eggs in cold water, then otschityvaya time from the boiling water (if this tab shell eggs will not crack during cooking). And if the egg is put in boiling water, then this should be done carefully and better water salt. In this case, do not take eggs straight from the fridge: even well-salted water is unlikely to protect them from cracking. If after cooking put eggs in cold water, then peeling them easier.

Now three boiled potatoes grated, distributing it evenly over the dish. Then do very little mayonnaise fishnet on top of the first layer. Mirsovetov recommends putting the first layer of exactly the potatoes to the excess juice from the fish additionally soaked it up. And so it is important that the layer of mayonnaise was not excessive.

picture - Salad "Mimosa" Now finely cut onion salad. If no onion salad, finely chop the usual onions and lightly marinated it for 5-10 minutes in a mixture of Apple cider vinegar and sugar. If the onion is particularly "malice", put it in a metal sieve and scald with boiling water, then in the marinade. I personally prefer the proportion of one to one and add a pinch of salt.

Then open up the cans and remove fish greblicki. Carefully mash with a fork fish and mix it with depressed from marinade onion or finely chopped sweet onion salad.

picture - Salad "Mimosa" Spread the mixture on the potatoes and liberally lubricated with mayonnaise, making a mesh. By the way, if you add the mayonnaise to the fish and onion mixture and stir all together, then mayonnaise fishnet top is not required.

picture - Salad "Mimosa"

There is one trick: the mayonnaise should not be thick, so that all layers of our lettuce is well soaked. If your mayonnaise is too fatty or for any other reason is thick, then mix it with a pre-flushed liquid from canned fish. Can be diluted mayonnaise milk, but fish juice still tastes better.

The next layer salad - grated on a coarse grater cream cheese. It also covered mayonnaise mesh. Top, also on a large grater, three proteins. Don't forget to generously grease with mayonnaise. The penultimate layer - a thin layer of boiled carrots, grated on a coarse grater.

picture - Salad "Mimosa" Make mayonnaise mesh (or liberally lubricated mayonnaise with fish juice).

The final layer and makes our "Mimosa" like a Mimosa. This yolks, grated on the finest grated or crushed with a fork to make small balls. Which option to choose - you decide. Decorate the salad greens. Preferably, a thin sprigs of dill that was more like sprigs of Mimosa.

Bon appetit!

picture - Salad "Mimosa" Tasty and very tender salad is ready. But the fun's just starting now. The thing is, that variations of this salad there is a great variety. Main, the same basic ingredients are eggs, mayonnaise and canned fish. Everything else can vary by request of the hostess, adjusting to the tastes of the household. You can swap the layers of lettuce or not to put some of the ingredients, you can add completely new.

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